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The Automation Mindset

By Russell Weller, Product Manager, Esko

One question we are often asked is where to start when automating a business. My response is always the same: it starts with having the right mindset. If you can arm yourself with understanding the sources of opportunity for automation in your business, and the potential benefits it can bring, then that is the first important step taken care of.

The next step is realising that the potential for introducing automated steps in any large format and digital finishing process does not need to be a daunting task.

Why Automate? The Context

The modern printer converter, whether a small startup or an established multinational, faces a wide range of challenges in managing business efficiency and profitability, which drive the need for automation:

  • Variable health and safety performance
  • Complex materials handling
  • Increasing complexity of jobs and design

Safety is #1
The primary concern of any business has to be sending employees home safely every night. Operating a safe environment where employees are not exposed to risky processes is a mandatory requirement. The more automated the situation, the less risk of safety issues.

The materials handling dilemma
As a business expands, complexity increases and the number and variety of materials that any business has to

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The Automation Mindset


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