Kärcher made a clean sweep with WebCenter

How Kärcher reduces time-to-market with Esko's packaging management solution WebCenter.


Group turnover
2.33 bn euros

Company size
11,862 employees in 65 countries worldwide

manufacturer of cleaning equipment


Top performance for cleanliness and value

Based near Stuttgart, Germany, Kärcher is the world’s leading provider of cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for leisure, households, trade and industry worldwide.

With 40,000 customer service points in over 190 countries, Kärcher provides comprehensive support to its customers all over the world.

Innovation is a key driver behind the company’s growth. The global market leader in cleaning technology is characterized by its ingenuity, top performance and innovative problem solving.

Packaging design has become an essential part of product marketing. It has to meet very high standards. After all, it isn’t only the brand name that persuades customers to buy, but also appealing, well-designed packaging.

Titus Helmke, Head of Brand Management International, Kärcher, Germany

The challenge

Time is money

Kärcher designs or updates around 600 items of packaging every year. The packaging design department manages about 1,800 different packaging products, including boxes, labels and POS displays.

Before WebCenter, the design team would print, write up, scan and fax packaging requirements and briefings using the standard Office applications.

Drafts and changes were emailed back and forth between product management, marketing, packaging development and prepress until the final artwork was agreed.

Documents required for the design process, such as photos, illustrations and text, were shared by email, FTP or sent through the post on DVD.

It was a time-consuming and costly manual process, and Kärcher realized it was time to invest in an efficient web solution.

Little mistakes can’t slip in any more. WebCenter makes layout checking faster and more efficient. If something goes wrong in the workflow, we always know exactly what went wrong. In the paper era, too much simply disappeared.

Titus Helmke, Head of Brand Management International, Kärcher, Germany

The solution

From Excel spreadsheets to online workflows

With its all-round focus on packaging development and packaging process management, WebCenter ticked all the boxes on the detailed requirements list of various departments at Kärcher.

All the processes associated with developing new product packaging are now handled in WebCenter. The software provides standardized design briefs, sample forms and die-cut templates, which can be scheduled, edited and sent to other people. This reduces the workload significantly, and projects are now completed much more efficiently.

Today, we only need 60% to 70% of the time it used to take. We were stunned with the number of hours we saved by not having to copy files back and forth.

Titus Helmke, Head of Brand Management International, Kärcher, Germany

The benefits

More efficient layout process: no more printing and archiving

Efficient online packaging processes and communication allow more time for creativity and reduce time to market. The packaging workflows enabled through Esko WebCenter are saving the company valuable time and money.

  • More creativity
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced workload
  • Reduced costs
  • Less errors
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