Delinear is able to produce much better flexo plates, and choose the digital plate material they prefer, with Esko Full HD Flexo - Esko

Delinear is able to produce much better flexo plates, and choose the digital plate material they prefer, with Esko Full HD Flexo

June 16 2015

São Paulo (Brazil), June 2015 – Delinear (, one of the most prominent trade shops in Brazil, has been able to automate its workflow and deliver better quality flexo plates with the help of an Esko Full HD Flexo plate system and Automation Engine workflow. The company is so happy with their new system that they promote it to Brazilian customers as 'Full Flat'.

Delinear: one of the most prominent trade shops in Brazil

Delinear, founded in 1990 and headquartered in Sao Paulo, is among the major trade shops in Brazil, offering prepress services, image processing, digital proofs and conventional and digital photopolymer flexo plates. In order to meet the growing needs of their many customers in other regions of the country, Delinear opened offices in Manaus and Bahia to assure quality, service and fast delivery. The company is also preparing to open new headquarters in São Paulo in 2015. The company's 76 employees service more than 2,000 major and important clients. Their prepress department's trained staff performs creative work, artwork, image processing, technical support for development of new products, digital proofs, substrate proofs and software development files in 3D. Delinear can produce digital plates of any thickness, from 6.35mm to those for corrugated—the only company in Brazil able to do this type of work, up to 1400mm x 2200mm in size.

With the steady growth of flexible packaging and the urgent nature of the work, it is necessary to have the agility to develop new packaging quickly. Thus, Delinear considers it important to complete projects on time, including creating a color-corrected print-ready file, producing and approving digital proofs, and imaging plates.

Better flexo plates—and the ability to work with almost any plate supplier—with Esko Full HD Flexo

Delinear was already working with a different workflow and digital imager when they met with Esko. "We were using a digital flexo plate imager that was tied to its own flexo digital polymer plate material. We did not want to be tied to a single product," remembers Leandro Lúcio da Silva, Technical Director, São Paulo. "With the advent of Full HD Flexo, we were able to achieve a better result than our previous technology, with the ability to choose any polymer plate we wanted to use."

Delinear has been in full production with Full HD Flexo for six months. They were pleasantly surprised about the quality of flexo plate imaging. Esko Full HD Flexo helps Delinear produce smooth gradients to zero. Detail is crisp and the solid density is also much stronger. Customers are printing with higher screens. Plates created with Full HD Flexo are easier to transfer ink to the substrate, and are more durable.

"In Manaus we installed the first Full HD Flexo system in the area—a revolution in the region. In Bahia, we will soon install the first Full HD Flexo system in the northeast, which we believe will increase our revenue 15 to 25%," says Lúcio.

Working much faster with Esko Automation Engine

"In our 25 years, Delinear has always sought to look for quality and automation. As soon as we tested and saw the uniqueness of Esko Automation Engine we believed it would be the best solution for us. We migrated to Automation Engine and have automated 65% of our work. Like China, many of the files delivered to us in Brazil are prepared in Corel Draw, so we have to create PDF files from them before importing the work into Automation Engine. However, our workflow is more flexible and requires very little intervention with fewer errors—and we are working faster. Simple work that took us 30 minutes or an hour is now completed in five minutes," explains Lúcio.

"Along with Esko Full HD Flexo, we are getting results that we never saw before. In Delinear São Paulo, Automation Engine software gives us greater speed and quality," adds Lúcio. "We like it so much that today we work exclusively with Automation Engine and we are marketing our plates under the name of Full Flat.

At the end of 2014, one of our customers was using a different plate technology. The first time we offered him Full HD Flexo plates, the client said he was already satisfied with the other plates and that nothing would likely be able to offer better quality," recalls Lúcio. We challenged the client to print a job using the competitive plates and Full HD Flexo plates. They agreed and, to their surprise, they admitted that the printed result with Full HD Flexo plates were unbelievable. Today, that customer is working 100% with Delinear and Full HD Flexo plates—our Full Flat product. Our company now has five CDIs—two in São Paulo, two in Bahia, and one at their facility in Manaus. If you have good expertise in prepress, Esko Full HD Flexo is a very good tool."