Ways to reduce waste N° 3

Missing CAD design skills

Structural design competence is of great value when you want to offer new and exciting products. Sometimes it’s mandatory, especially if you offer custom design.

What about companies without
in-house CAD knowledge

There are many reasons why lacking structural CAD competence can become a burden:

  • You may be turning down business
  • It may stop you from expanding from producing flat jobs to more profitable shapes and 3D applications?
  • Maybe you simply see waste in your shipping department because you lack custom fit boxes to pack and send your products to customers?

Reduce POP display design time by 90%

Produce endless variations with display designs from the ArtiosCAD Display Store

Get CAD skills

For companies without in-house CAD skills, there are simplified solutions available. One is QuickBox. It is an option to i-cut Production Console (the front-end for Kongsberg cutting tables). QuickBox comes with 15,000 parametric packaging design templates that you can make in 3 easy steps (LxWxH).

For complex 3D POP displays, the ArtiosCAD Display Store offers downloadable POP designs. All templates are production ready, certified and tested. With a growing collection of POP designs, it is the largest online repository for high end POP displays designs in the world.

And companies that have in-house CAD talent, or are thinking of hiring CAD designers, there’s ArtiosCAD, the world’s number one structural design software solution. ArtiosCAD is unparalleled in CAD design functionality, especially for POP design.