Brand process improvement and the power of integration - Esko

Brand Process Improvement and the Power of Integration

Increase your efficiency by bringing control and visibility to your packaging process.

In this webinar you will learn best practices to create a seamless workflow between your systems and packaging supply chain. Ensure accurate version control and reduce manual entry, keeping all players on track and informed with better communication and collaboration.

Key take aways

  • Benefits of integrating a Packaging Management System into your business.
  • Increasing ease of usability to allow for shortened packaging life cycles.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when adding a Packaging Management System.

About the speakers

Brieann BecknerBrieann Beckner
Director, Brand Owner Pre-Sales
Brieann joined Esko in 2011 as a Solution Architect and is currently responsible for Esko’s Brand Owner Pre-Sales in NA. With an extensive background in print and pre-media, she has helped some of the world’s leading brands optimize their business processes and deploy software solutions to support increased efficiency.

Roman StepchukRoman Stepchuk
Solution Architect
Roman joined Esko in 2012 as a Solution Architect focused on designing and implementing integrations. After spending 16 years in the IT department of a large CPG, Roman brought his passion for product and packaging lifecycles systems to Esko. His expertise is leveraged for customer solutions and continued product development.