Flexo Screening Technologies: Hybrid Screening, Dot Gain Screening - Esko

Flexo screening: an overview

Screening for flexography comes in a number of variants.

  • HD Flexo: delivers the new standard in flexo quality
  • Groovy & Plate cells
  • SambaFlex
  • Eccentric Screens


HD Flexo

HD Flexo is a new process for making digital flexographic (flexo) plates. The improved plates offer higher quality and print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates. HD Flexo may be implemented without scrapping existing equipment and working methods. There are a lot of innovation in the field of flexography; and HD Flexo is without any doubt the most exciting. Read more on the HD Flexo pages.


Crisp, dense solids with Groovy and Plate cells

Tiny plate cells (similar to anilox cells) or grooves are placed by the RIP into solid areas: in many flexo printing applications this ensures that solids print with a smoother ink layer.

The result is that less ink needs to be used, more saturated colors can be printed, and the “halo effect” around type can be dramatically reduced.

A cell centred or groovy transition effect is also used, to make sure that shadow tones blend smoothly into the solids.

SambaFlex and a range of dot shapes

Esko offers a range of AM dot shapes orientated for Flexo, including the traditional circular dot, as well as a “double circular” dot which can reduce mottling in the mid tones in many applications.

  • SambaFlex
    Sambaflex is an transitional or hybrid screening technology combining AM screening in the mid-tones and FM screening in the highlights (and optionally, in the shadows). SambaFlex is available in a set of preconfigured packs which can simply be applied to improve the smoothness of your flexo highlights.

Eccentric Screens for corrugated

The fast growing corrugated market has specific characteristics such as very low screen rulings, challenging substrates and registration issues.

  • Away with visible rosettes
    Eccentric screening was developed specifically to deal with the very visible rosettes that occur at lower screen rulings, particularly in four color images.

    Eccentric Screens come with variable eccentricity that can be freely chosen to make rosettes much less visible and to create much more stable and predictable print results. In certain cases the rosette disappears completely which gives the impression of a higher screen ruling.

  • Reduced dot gain, less tonal jumps
    Eccentric screening reduces dot gain with less tonal jumps as a result. The flexibility of Eccentric Screens makes it the ideal choice for sharpness and smooth variation in images. A choice of no less than 5 different Eccentric Screens brings the flexibility to meet flexo and corrugated printing requirements.


Imaging engine handles all screening needs

Esko’s Imaging Engine comes loaded with screening adapted to flexo: suitable range of dot shapes, hybrid screens, angles, rulings…  Typical flexo needs such as distortion, bump and flexo dot gain curves are easily managed, and screening can be controlled on an object by object basis. Read more about the Imaging Engine.


Prepare flexo printing with Flexo Tools for Adobe Photoshop

Add Esko's flexo expertise to Adobe® Photoshop®. Flexo Tools resolve flexo specific printing issues, and allow Adobe® Photoshop® CS users to visualize changes. Novice flexo operators will develop images ready for flexo, while experienced retouchers will appreciate how the flexo tools improve the quality and productivity of work. Visualize flexo plates on screen, check highlight breaks, flexo dot gain, avoid scum dots, automatically correct images for flexo. Read more about Flexo Tools.