Device Manager:
conquiste o controle de sua produção de sinalização e display

Device Manager for digital finishing

Typical finishing operations suffer from the fact that their equipment is not used optimally: there are too many manual steps; setting up cutting tables takes too long; and prioritizing jobs as well as optimized material handling is not always possible.

The Device Manager gives producers of signs and displays the power to:
  • reduce lead times
  • manage short production runs intelligently
  • eliminate material waste
  • and optimize equipment output

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Move operational control upstream

The Device Manager moves operational control upstream to the prepress department. Digital finishing operations are better integrated with the prepress workflow. Operators use Device Manager to monitor job statuses, and to manage and prioritize the queues of all connected devices.

The Device Manager allows companies to use their hardware at maximum capacity by smart estimation functionality and the possibility to balance loads between cutting tables.

One streamlined optimized workflow

Companies use the Device Manager to:

  • prepare quotes with reliable data
  • plan production from intuitive, yet powerful, dashboards
  • reduce operator idle time
  • keep Kongsberg tables producing continuously
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