Kongsberg digital cutters
for every application

Kongsberg cutting tables are the result of over 50 years
of technical expertise and innovation.

It's simple. We're a cut above the rest.

Breakthrough Automation

A range of impressive innovations will boost the performance of digital finishing operations to industrial levels.

Get the most out the Kongsberg C and Kongsberg X cutting tables with these automation options.

Breakthrough Automation

The Kongsberg tooling system

Perfect fit for every application

Which cutting table fits
your business needs?

Having a Kongsberg cutting table that perfectyly fits your business is important. That's why we created this handy wizard to help you find your perfect match.

Which Kongsberg cutting table fits you?

Reduce waste in your workflow

Are you sure you’ve eliminated all the bottle necks and reduced the set-up times throughout your workflow?

Streamline your operations ‘From order in to invoice out’.

Find out the top 7 areas to reduce waste and add value...

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