Color Engine

What’s new in Color and Proofing 18.1?

Lean Profiling – profile without going on press!


  • You need to change the ink (eg different supplier, slightly different hue)
  • The press or plate conditions changed (anilox, density, dot gain...)
  • You want to use a different ink in the profile for example Warm Red instead of Magenta because you have a batch of jobs using Warm Red

You could go on press and make a new profile, but this takes time and money. Sometimes you simply don’t have the time.

How does it work?

  • Take any press profile and replace the ink(s) with new inks. (Note: you can only replace an ink with one of a “similar” color – for example changing Magenta to a Red or Orange. You cannot change Magenta into a Green for example.)
  • New inks can be defined in three ways:
    • Set the Lab value
    • Measure a solid patch
    • Use an ink profile (ink plus pints)
  • Use the new profile in any or all of:
    • Proofing
    • Equinox
    • Automation Engine.

How accurate is it?

  • The more data you have, the better…
  • But acquiring the data takes time
    • Or sometimes it just isn’t available
  • Lean Profiling makes the best use of the data provided
    • And you can make the tradeoff
    • And the result is surely much better than not adjusting the profile at all!

Color preflight – now available with a standard workflow

  • Select optimum production method (EPM, CMYK…) while meeting color expectations
  • Guaranteed match between estimation and execution
    • Color system used for estimation and production is the same!!

PDF report includes spot color details
Using the Epson S80600 in Pack Proof

  • Solvent ink proofer – prints on wide variety of substrates
  • Ideal for proofing labels and flexible packaging with a white ink underprint
  • Color gamut around 90% of Pantone book
    • Depending on substrate
    • Epson P-series gives a larger gamut, but it only prints on paper
  • White ink support
  • Metallic ink support

Superior quality control

  • Device stability check for proofers and digital presses
    • Automatically adds extra patches to chart
    • Intelligently measures stability
    • Know what your device is capable of
    • Sets correct expectations on accuracy
  • Proofing Strategy Check
    • End to end color accuracy report
    • Overall dashboard and detailed statistics
    • (New) export a report
    • Store the report as part of your QC workflow

Other features

  • Overprint Charts update
    • Create charts for any M mode
  • Measurement in manual patch mode
    • When you know manual mode is needed
  • Digital Printing strategy: Add Exceptions to Ink Book
    • Create an ink book of device-dependent references
  • Set ΔE formula for digital printing strategies
    • Use your choice of formula when calculating spot color builds
  • Edit profiled inks

Check the complete presentation for more detailed information.

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