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Workflows for everyone

Esko's printing and cutting workflows will help your company every step of the way

1. Design-to-cut workflow for POP displays or packaging

ArtiosCAD is the ideal CAD design editor for POP displays and all corrugated and folding carton packaging.

ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular structural design software for POP displays, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert to start using it.

ArtiosCAD comes with modules ranging from easy to use modules to support business without CAD design skills all the way to sophisticated tools for the most demanding display and packaging designers.

Automatyzacja workflow

2. Get graphical files print ready

Before going to the press or the printer, it is essential to do a quality check on all the files. It is the best way to avoid rejects and poor print results.

Streamlined throughput with i-cut Suite

The i-cut Suite ensures perfect output by standardizing each graphical file on the PDF format and checking all parameters required by the press.

The i-cut Suite prepares the graphics and creates the layouts for print and finishing, guaranteeing perfect registration.

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Take it to the next level with automation

By the way, most manual steps (preflighting, nesting…) can be done quicker by a workflow server. Automation frees up your staff to do value added tasks.

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3. Take visual control of your workflow

When files are printed, they are ready to be cut on a Kongsberg cutting table. Esko helps you with getting the cutting done efficiently and with perfect results.

Optimize your daily planning

In order to optimize the daily planning you want to see the backlog of waiting jobs and distribute them well.

You can distribute the workload sorted on customer, to reach a specific deadline or you can sort on material, to optimize the equipment efficiency. You receive accurate job estimation each time you edit the job list.

Take control, keep an overview

During production you want to stay in control; see what jobs are lined up, track them, and put a job on hold to allow a priority job...

You no longer need to disturb an operator or walk to the cutting table to see how the production is going: just place the overview on a screen in the shop floor and everyone stays in the loop.

Device Manager: value for any business

The Device Manager brings value for any business whether you are making samples or producing short runs with one, or several, Kongsberg cutting tables.

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4. Automate your workflow

The best way to get rid of hidden waste in your printing and cutting workflow is to automate the biggest part of it.

Automate all non-value adding tasks

Automation Engine is Esko’s workflow server. It automates prepress tasks, speeding up the process, and reducing error rates and the need for operator intervention.

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The answer to daily challenges

Automation Engine serves as the heart of any size digital printing and cutting operation. It enables unparalleled workflow automation with rock-solid quality control.

Companies using Automation Engine can start small and add functionality down the road.

Automation Engine is, by all standards, an exceptional answer to the daily challenges of print professionals who need to increase quality, reduce errors and drive cost out of the process.

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