How Kärcher reduced its layout process time with 40%

Too many e-mails

Karcher logoManaging packaging projects can be a daunting task. From designing to printing, many obstacles are in your path:

  • e-mail traffic endlessly goes back and forth
  • people are not commenting on the latest version
  • projects get stuck because updates are awaiting approvals
  • status updates are managed in complicated Excel spreadsheets


It's immediately clear that this is an inefficient and costly way of doing things. The harsh reality is, however, that many companies still use standard Office software tools to manage their design applications.


Kärcher pulls the plug

Cleaning equipment brand owner Kärcher was done with this manual way of working. With around 1.800 SKU’s to manage, and over 600 newly or redesigned packaging projects per year, it proved expensive, inefficient and extremely time consuming.

Kärcher packaging


Kärcher flat box in WebCenter

WebCenter ticked all the boxes

In its search for a more user friendly alternative, Kärcher selected WebCenter, Esko’s web based packaging management platform.

With packaging at its core, WebCenter made the packaging design process at Kärcher simpler, faster and more standardized.


"Today, we only need 60% to 70% of the time it used to take. We were stunned with the number of hours we saved by not having to copy files back and forth."

- Titus Helmke, Head of Brand Management International, Kärcher, Germany

Instant benefits for Kärcher

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