Gartner counts Esko in its Top 5 of best Label and Artwork Management Systems

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In its Market Guide for Label and Artwork Management Software Vendors, Gartner sees Esko among the most prominent labeling and artwork software providers across Gartner clientele.

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Leading player in Label and Artwork Management

Gartner is convinced that Esko earned its place in the top 5 due to these key strengths:

  • an end-to-end solution that serves the entire packaging supply chain
  • emphasis on the ability to design and review labeling and artwork in 3D
  • strong functionality
  • ease of use


Success starts with the right tools

Gartner MeetingAccording to Gartner, companies with successful label and artwork management software have fewer labeling and artwork errors, and are compliant with labeling regulations in different markets. They also save time and cost when product changes necessitate revisions to artwork and labeling content.


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How can Esko help you?

How brands can go to market faster & more efficiently

For 9 out of 10 major brands, packaging is touched by Esko tools during the production process. Esko has become the worldwide reference in the packaging market, delivering the most innovative and useful tools.

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