Asda drives brand consistency with PantoneLIVE

Maintaining color consistency in packaging ensures brand recognition and consumer confidence.

See how brand owner Asda was able to make key suppliers color compliant in its entire packaging supply chain.



Asda challenged its operational efficiency

Britain's top retailer, Asda, was looking for a comprehensive solution to improve operational efficiencies. The goal was to:

  • assess print quality with all of Asda’s approved packaging printers
  • present complex, technical color data in an easy-to-understand format
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Asda own brand products

Closed color management loop

Asda deployed PantoneLIVE™ throughout its global supply chain.

Senior Print Manager, Jason Gilmartin, concludes:


"We are now able to manage our print base intelligently with true 'closed loop' color management from initial concept to final print whilst slashing waste, reducing cost and driving greater brand consistency.


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Additional benefits of PantoneLIVE for Asda:

  • accurate color communication throughout the entire packaging supply chain
  • consistent color results across different regional suppliers and on every packaging material
  • efficient go-to-market from initial design to final production, ultimately lowering product development and manufacturing costs
Asda own brand products



print example of Ultimate Packaging

Key suppliers adopt PantoneLIVE

Asda engages its key suppliers to produce color compliant, whilst reducing costs by maximizing press efficiencies.

It is why Asda invited Ultimate Packaging, a key print supplier, to use PantoneLIVE™.

Vincent Whatley, X-Rite Coordinator at Ultimate Packaging, explains:


“At the time we didn’t really think it would make a great deal of difference to our operations. In actual fact, it has made a big difference for us and for Asda, and we were recently invited to present our experience to other Asda’s approved film printers during an Asda Supplier Day.”

Ultimate Packaging is so excited about the benefits of PantoneLIVE, they are expecting to on-board more of their own customers with PantoneLIVE in the near future.


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PantoneLIVE in the cloud

About PantoneLIVE

PantoneLIVE is a cloud-based solution. It enables global corporations to accurately communicate the universal PANTONE color language across the entire packaging workflow – from design concept to retail store shelves.

Color measurement and verification is based on scientific, spectral data, rather than relying on subjective, visual evaluations and costly adjustments on press.


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