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Powerful package engineering tools

November 20 2013

Packaging can be described as a system of preparing products for transport, distribution, storage, protection, marketing, retailing, and use.

Packaging engineering (also known as package engineering or referred to as packaging science) is the art or science of the many functions of packaging. It ranges from conceptual packaging design to product placement.  Package engineering includes a wide range of industry-specific aspects: industrial engineering, marketing, materials science, shipping and retail logistics. Packaging engineers have to work closely with researchers, manufacturing, marketers, graphic designers, the legal department, purchasing...

Package engineering with ArtiosCAD

ArtiosCAD is the world’s leading structural design solution for packaging and displays. Over 15 years of packaging science experience result in the strongest collection of dedicated tools for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and die-making. ArtiosCAD increases productivity for packaging engineers and streamlines the entire supply chain of your packaging or displays.

Drafting tools built for productive design

Around the world, ArtiosCAD proves that no other packaging design editor delivers faster throughput. Powerful 2D drafting tools are created dedicated for structural designers and die makers. The tools use extensive graphical feedback, making ArtiosCAD very precise, yet easy to learn and use.

Many of the packaging engineering tools work automatically and this makes designers extremely productive. The Automatic Drafting tool, for example, automatically snaps to horizontal or vertical alignments, midpoints... It reduces the need for construction lines and allows you to work much faster.

Designing displays efficiently

Designing displays is often challenging. There are multiple components to design, the display needs to be structurally sound and making sure all components fit can be quite daunting.

ArtiosCAD is developed to make designing displays a lot easier. You can start from scratch or use the library of parametric rebuildable design templates. Just enter the dimensions and let ArtiosCAD build the rest of your display automatically.

Dedicated assembly tools connect all the display components. 3D functionality allows you to work quickly and accurately. You can also use the 3D tools to create virtual mock ups that can be used for approval, assembly instructions or client presentations.

Connect with the supply chain

Designing packaging is not a solitary effort. Packaging engineers need to connect with other packaging designers or with other parts of the supply chain. ArtiosCAD Enterprise turns ArtiosCAD in a complete packaging management solution.

All necessary packaging assets are centralized in a private, corporate database in the cloud. The Enterprise Database Server, powered by WebCenter, provides a secure web-accessible database in the cloud and project management engine. It enables dynamic on-line collaboration between design groups, CAD and graphic designers, suppliers, brand owners and production.

Easy to use on-line dashboards deliver users and management real-time feedback on project status, task lists and other parameters.

What packaging engineers say

“While other software required us to be almost computer programmers, with ArtiosCAD we don’t have to be rocket scientists. ArtiosCAD is easy to use. A designer can get familiar with it rather quickly. Designers can use the 3D function in ArtiosCAD, visualize 3D designs, and build virtual prototypes before our two full-time people cut real samples on a table. There’s lots of work every day, so we try to do as much virtual 3D work before tying the table up. This saves us production time on the table and material as well.” - Jeremy Hood, Manager of Creative Services, Abbott-Action

“We can create different structural styles, look at different boxes, look at the blank sizes, and reduce the amount of materials as we design the package. With ArtiosCAD, I can go through a sample library and design with less board, searching for the most efficient use of materials. Of course, when virtual prototypes are made, we save the cost of shipping prototypes and with online presentations, I can reduce travel expenses.” -  Ben Sligar, Global Packaging Engineer for ModusLink