Collaboration software for your packaging workflow

How well does your packaging team collaborate?

The packaging supply chain is complex and requires coordinated effort from an entire team of internal and external stakeholders. All these stakeholders have to work together, under extreme pressure, to design and deliver innovative packaging, on time and on budget.

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Keeping everyone informed & aligned

One of the biggest challenges in the packaging workflow is keeping everyone informed and aligned. From misunderstandings about design intent to using the wrong version of a file, problems caused by poor communication and collaboration are frustrating and costly.

WebCenter, Esko’s collaboration software for brand management, helps all players in packaging development and production communicate effectively and efficiently.

By controlling the files, information, people and processes, WebCenter keeps all the players in the packaging supply chain aligned via workflow tasks, notifications and conversations. WebCenter is the only collaboration software with packaging at the heart.

A supply chain management system

With parts of the packaging supply chain being performed by different people, in different departments, at different companies around the world, keeping everyone on the same page is a real challenge. Global teams can struggle to work together and with external suppliers.

Available 24/7

WebCenter is a global communication platform that’s available 24/7; your virtual project manager that never sleeps. Like in all effective supply chain management systems, information is stored centrally and shared globally. It lets users evaluate, review and approve documents, reduce and eliminate development cycles and organize packaging projects and assets.

WebCenter manages handoffs between players, both internal and external, regardless of where they are located, what language they speak or what their role is.

WebCenter app for iPhone and iPad

Waiting for approvals from people out of the office is not only stressful for the entire project but also creates unnecessary delays. Being online is one thing but those that travel a lot need a truly mobile solution.

The WebCenter app for iPhone and iPad allows your remote users to communicate and collaborate while on the move. Users can work through their To Do lists, view, markup and approve packaging files and launch new projects, all from their phone or tablet.

A project management system

Do your suppliers have everything they need to meet your deadline?

Your suppliers are a critical component to any packaging workflow. They work hard, under significant speed-to-market pressure, to deliver quality results and meet your deadlines and budget. Delays on either side of the workflow can be costly to your market share and budget. Making sure that everyone has what they need, when they need it, streamlines the workflow for all.

Assign tasks automatically

What you need is a workflow and project manager that works just as hard. WebCenter is the project management system to help you with automating the workflow. It automatically assigns tasks and moves files and information to the next person that needs it. As tasks are completed, requests to upload files are made to each person in the chain before being passed to the next stage. Tasks can also require the filling out of checklists to remind everyone of the requirements before the next stage starts.

WebCenter is the project management system for packaging producers wordwide.

Collaboration software for your packaging workflow
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