Quick & accurate
sample making

Companies are always looking to improve time-to-market, even when designing endless complex packaging variations.

Virtual sample making

Get your customers’ approval with virtual samples before cutting prototypes. Studio helps packaging professionals to create virtual mockups quickly, with production data. What you show your customers is exactly what you will be able to deliver.

  • Generate ultra-realistic 3D packaging mock-ups
  • Render packaging materials and print effects accurately
  • Shorten your approval cycles

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Virtual sample making
Packaging CAD Design in ArtiosCAD

Designing packaging in 3D:
from samples to the shop

Packaging CAD software differs from other 3D editors. ArtiosCAD comes with very specific packaging knowledge and tools.

Dedicated packaging functionality makes it not only easier to design packaging and displays. It also makes it possible to deliver the results your customers expect in the shortest amount of time.

Packaging professionals use ArtiosCAD to design the complete packaging project, from sample making all the way to the shop.

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A CAD plotter for sample making

The Kongsberg XE Series is a smaller format platform CAD table. It’s a fast, high-quality solution for sample making.

The Kongsberg XE is the perfect digital sample making table for folding carton and more.

The Kongsberg XE provides fast results, but at the highest quality. A wide range of tools offers speed, power and flexibility.

The Kongsberg XE handles a wide variety of materials common in sample making: folding and corrugated carton, foam, coating blankets, wood, plastic...

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Kongsberg XE
95% of surveyed packaging converters rate ArtiosCAD's innovation as better compared to competing packaging structural design software.
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