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Folding carton

Folding carton
Flexible packaging and labels: print quality

Streamline internal communication

Make sure the design teams at your company have all the tools to optimize the design process. Streamline the handoffs between the structural design and graphics departments and outside suppliers.

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90% of Design Managers at packaging converters agreed with the following statement: 'ArtiosCAD enables me to deliver faster to my customers.

How do the Danaher companies help streamline the packaging supply chain?

Joakim Weidemanis, Vice President at Danaher, talks to What They Think about the Danaher family of companies that play in the packaging supply chain, how they work together, the challenges they address, and where the company might go for future acquisitions.


Right sizing, case design and pallet layout

Right sizing, case design and pallet layout

Improve your profitability by optimizing your packaging design for shipping. Benefit from the software synergy between two leading software tools: Cape Pack palletizing software and ArtiosCAD structural design editor.

PDF Download: "Cape integration with ArtiosCAD (PDF) › PDF Find out more about right sized packaging ›

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