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Preflight (PDF) files to catch
errors in graphical files

When a print file comes to your shop floor (from a web shop, a designer, or a customer) it is critical to make that file print-ready as fast as possible.

Accurate preflighting

Accurate preflighting (controlling whether files are print-ready) is necessary for an efficient use of your equipment, it also helps to avoid expensive rejects.

Preflighting print files is typically time consuming and manual work. Normally, it takes between 20 and 45 minutes to get a file ready and results depend heavily on the designer’s or operator’s skills and experience.

Additionally, preflighting is typically given away as a free customer service, despite the effort it takes to get it right.

Reduce design errors by 70%

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Make files print-ready faster

How can companies get files print-ready as efficiently and quickly as possible?

Cary Sherburne, senior editor at WhatTheyThink, talks with Ronald Whitfield, Automations Systems Manager at PSP Retail, about Esko's solutions to automate the prepress workflow.

Top 6 areas to reduce waste in your printing and cutting workflow

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