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Operating cutting tables can be complicated

Cutting tables are versatile machines that serve many markets. Normally it takes highly experienced and skilled operators to deliver productivity and high-end quality results.

Simplify table operation

How easy is it to hire, train and retain an operator to manage your table production?

What’s more, operators need to plan jobs well to ensure optimal equipment usage. They need to set up the table and configure the tools for each specific task while loading and unloading materials and finished products…

Most table operators do great. Some are even artists, but all operators want to get rid of complex manual tasks so that they can deliver higher consistency.

Increase cutter throughput by 10%

Simplify cutting table operation

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Get the most of your cutting tables

Esko’s Shared Resources technology enables consistent production.

Basically, it analyses the incoming cut file and automates table set up and tool choices, according to parameters decided by the operators.

These parameters are a valuable asset to your company. All knowledge is shared and automated and all your operators now have access to the perfect way of cutting materials and applications. Shared Resources is part of i-cut Production Console, the front-end for Kongsberg cutting tables.

Top 6 areas to reduce waste in your printing and cutting workflow

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