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Kiss cutting on a Kongsberg cutting table

Kiss cutting is a very popular way of cutting materials and applications such as vinyl, stickers, decals, car wrappers, window graphics, one way vision stickers, lettering, labels, gaskets…

Kiss cutting with a Kongsberg kiss cut machine

During the kiss cutting process, the contours of the graphics or labels are only cut partially; the label’s backing material (or ‘liner’) is not cut, it is just ‘kissed’.

The benefit of kiss cut material is that the labels or graphics can stay on a liner sheet or roll until they need to be used.

Kongsberg kiss cutting machine

The ultimate kiss cutting machine

Kongsberg cutting tables are world renowned for their versatility, so turning one of them in a kiss cutting machine is no problem whatsoever.

Kongsberg tables come with a wide range of tools to tackle an impressive range of materials. Obviously, kiss cutting knives are part of the possible setup of your machine.

Kiss cut a wide range of materials

A wide range of materials

Kongsberg tables are much more than a kiss cut machine. Whether your focus is signage, packaging or displays. Whether you produce vinyl, boards or wood; the Kongsberg cutting tables bring the best quality for any job or application.

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