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The most versatile CNC cutting tables on the market today

A Kongsberg CNC cutter comes in different flavors for packaging, display and signage production.

Kongsberg CNC cutting systems

The benefits of CNC cutting systems

A Kongsberg CNC cutter for packaging, displays, signage or textile offers a wide range of distinct benefits.

  • Perfect for short run production
  • Very short set-up time and you don’t need to wait for a die
  • Extraordinary throughput and speed
  • Process a wide array of materials with a wide range of versatile tools

The Kongsberg XP is the absolute standard for digital cutting tables. This CNC cutter table is designed so solidly that it provides accurate handling of the most challenging materials. The Kongberg XP cutting table provides full time production, 24/7. The finishing device will no longer be the bottleneck in your packaging or display production.

The Kongsberg XP was designed especially for handling materials used in POP products and product displays: corrugated board, rigid materials...

The Kongsberg XP Auto is perfect for short run production of packaging and displays. The XP Auto cuts packaging and POP displays directly from the CAD designs.

This way you can start production right away and you can eliminate the expense of manufacturing a cutting die.

The Kongsberg XP Auto turns short-run and special request converting into a profitable undertaking.

The Kongsberg XN is easily the most versatile CNC table on the market today. The Kongsberg XN offers high quality signage cutting, on a wide range of materials. The CNC table comes with a wide range of specialty tools. These tools offer power, speed and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials automatically. These materials include corrugated and folding carton, solid board, foam, a long list of plastics...

The Kongsberg XN can be equipped with a MultiCUT-HP (High Power) tool head. This 3kW high power spindle is a great choice for anyone working with heavy-duty materials (acrylic, wood, MDF, ACM...).

Choosing the right CNC cutting machine

For a full overview of all Kongsberg CNC tables, please visit the Kongsberg cutting table overview page. If you want to know more about the industry leading CNC cutters and tables, please feel free to contact one of our CNC specialists.

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