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The most versatile plotter cutter on the market today

Kongsberg CAD table

The benefits of plotter cutting

A Kongsberg plotter cutter machine offers distinctive benefits:

  • Very short set-up time
  • Extraordinary throughput and speed
  • No need to wait for a die
  • Perfect for short run production
  • A range of very versatile tools
  • Process a wide array of materials
  • Integration with the CAD editor

Kongsberg - More than 50 years of cutting experience

50 years of cutting expertise

Plotter cutter machines are becoming increasingly popular. Kongsberg cutting tables are the result of 5 decades of technical expertise and innovation. Kongsberg cutting tables are the industry benchmark for performance, solidity and quality.

There is a Kongsberg plotter cutter for every need. They handle anything from dedicated signage, in store displays, banners, personalized commercial print work with special finishing… the list goes on.

Kongsberg CAD plotter

A plotter cutter for sample making

The Kongsberg XE Series is a smaller format platform cutting table. The Kongsberg XE is designed to provide a fast, high-quality solution for samplemaking. The Kongsberg XE provides fast results, but at the highest quality.

A wide range of tools offers speed, power and flexibility. The Kongsberg XE handles a wide variety of materials common in sample making: folding and corrugated carton, foam, wood, plastic, coating blankets...

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Kongsberg XN CAD table  for Signage

A plotter cutter for signage production

The Kongsberg XN is easily the most versatile cutter ever introduced. The XN offers high quality sign cutting on a wide range of materials The cutting machine comes with specialty tools that offer speed, power and flexibility to handle corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, and a long list of plastics.

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Kongsberg XP CAD plotter

A plotter cutter as the industry benchmark of performance and quality

The Kongsberg XP is the absolute standard for digital cutting tables. It is designed so solidly that it provides accurate handling of the most challenging materials.

The XP plotter cutter machine provides full time production, 24/7. The finishing device is no longer the bottleneck in your packaging or display production.

The Kongsberg XP was designed especially for plotter cutting the combination of corrugated board and other rigid or roll materials used in POP products and product displays.

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5 ways to make money with a Kongsberg cutting table

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