What is the biggest bottleneck
in your design process today?

Unclear design requests: 46%
Long customer approval cycles: 17%
Providing a price estimate to my customer: 12%
Integration between structural & graphic design: 9%
Lack of visibility, tracking & reporting of jobs: 8%
Difficulty locating & sharing assets: 4%
Other: 5%

Streamlining packaging design requests

A lot of corrugated converters are struggling with the same challenges in the design processes. And it’s imperative to get those challenges under control.

Smart companies are looking for a packaging management system to streamline the design process. A dedicated software solution that brings tangible results without embarking on a big consultancy project.

WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated: a packaging design management solution for corrugated converters
WebCenter QuickStart for Brands

Introducing WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated: get started in 5 days

WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated is a design workflow management solution for corrugated converters.

Based on Esko’s WebCenter, WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated comes preloaded with proven workflows that will increase your company’s capacity to handle a greater number of design requests.

With just 5 days to get you up and running, you will start reaping the benefits of efficient project management immediately.

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5 ways corrugated converters can protect their margins

5 ways corrugated converters can protect their margins

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Benefits of working with WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated

  • Increases your company’s capacity to handle more jobs without adding headcount
  • Reduces errors caused by miscommunication through efficient data capture
  • Improves collaboration between your structural design and graphic design departments
  • Reduces approval cycle times from weeks to days
  • Ensures on time delivery, full transparency and process visibility
  • Seamlessly integrated with ArtiosCAD

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User feedback:

Time spent on design requests
5 minutes
30 minutes
Time spent on project searches
1 minute
15 minutes
Time spent on customer approvals
1 day
5 days
With WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated
Without WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated
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