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Workflow Management

A collaborative workflow solution that  guides your team through the  entire process of  content creation through distribution.

What Challenges do You Face?

Between miscommunications across siloed departments, shifts in localized and regulatory requirements, evolving consumer preferences, and pressure to meet tight deadlines, it can be difficult to create product labels, packaging for multiple destinations without errors.

With WebCenter, empower your team to:

Do more in less time.

Simplify the view of project information.

Enable cross-functional teams to deliver content with precise quality.

Increase Your Speed of Work

Whether you are creating new content from scratch or repurposing existing content, it can be difficult to keep up with trending consumer preferences, current events, and regulatory requirements. So how do you react? The tools you have in place are what enable your team to spend less time on repetitive, non-productive tasks and more time creating compelling artwork for your brand.

By generating efficiencies in your content creation process through WebCenter, you can enable your team to build strong visual content faster than ever.

Centralize Project Information in a Single Source

You likely have many brilliant creatives and designers on your content team. So how do you harness all of that talent into each project? Start by centralizing all your project information, materials, and tasks into a single location. Centralizing your project information into a single source eliminates the need to search through inboxes, files, and multiple shared spaces to find the relevant information to complete tasks.

With WebCenter, you can track an entire project from a single source so you always know the status of tasks and your team always has the information they need to create content with purpose.

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Execute with Precision

Do your teams ever experience confusion about whether they are working on the right project with the correct files? Gain control of your brand by making sure that only the approved versions of content are being delivered to consumers. When your team is engaged in a collaborative approach to design throughout the entire process, your brand delivers.

Protect your brand equity by using WebCenter to reduce the number of errors in your content. Control the information, approvals, digital rights, and versions used in customer-facing materials.

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WebCenter Add-Ons


Content Management

Specify and manage content like text, symbols, claims, and more from a single, digital source. When your team pulls the information into artwork, they will know they are using accurate, compliant information.

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Automated Artwork Generation

Automatically update simple content, text, tables, codes, symbols for multiple files in project. Eliminate human touchpoints like copy and paste that create risk for error when making changes to content.


Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Categorize and store all your digital files with refined data and accessibility based on roles, groups, and more. Eliminate confusion with digital assets by using a fully scalable DAM as your single source of truth.


Automation Engine

Automatically perform tasks based on business rules through standardized workflows based on repeatable processes in your company. Eliminate manual processes and perform versioning and quality control checks automatically.


Online Editing

Open, view, and edit graphics directly in WebCenter and then return updated file data back into Illustrator artwork templates. Eliminate the need for constantly opening multiple programs to upload and download versions of content.


Viewer File Format

View Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the WebCenter viewer so you don’t have to create new versions of files or open multiple programs to work on projects in WebCenter.


Connector Plugins

Access digital assets from the DAM directly through Adobe and Microsoft connectors so your creatives never have to leave their favorite application when they work on their designs through projects in WebCenter.

WebCenter helps with


New requests can be initiated much faster, with more quality.

Search & Reports

Better risk management and clear visibility on bottlenecks.

Process Management

50% lead time reduction on packaging creation with half the resource utilization.


Approval cycles are 3 times faster and number of revisions reduced by 60%.

Integration with business systems

Reduce risk, avoid data duplication and speed up handover.

Your Brand

Hear from our customers

"We have doubled our volume of work with the same number of people. Processes which before took months can now be completed in less than a month."

Agustí Mercè, Product Operations Planning Manager, Almirall

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