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Produce better artwork with Studio, a 3D packaging design and visualization software for designers and converters.


What packaging design challenges do you face?

The packaging design process can be lengthy, complex, and siloed, leading to missed deadlines and packaging errors. Outsourcing packaging images to agencies has become unsustainable.

By digitizing the design and prototyping with Studio, you can:

Increase productivity in packaging design

Improve collaboration across packaging and marketing departments

Decrease costs associated with product photography

Increase Productivity in Packaging Design

Drawing up physical designs, manually creating prototypes, and then gathering rounds of feedback during each phase takes time. Eliminate physical prototypes by using an artwork packaging design software. Time and materials do not need to be wasted because designers can create realistic packaging designs directly in 3D so they can see how the product will look on the store shelves.

Simultaneous review and approve can be done digitally to make gathering feedback easy. Using Studio to design packaging artwork can increase productivity over 80%.

3D packaging software for boxes 3D packaging software for labels 3D packaging software for boxes 3D packaging software for flexibles

Designing Packaging & Labels in 3D

Find out what 3D tools help you design packaging, labels, flexibles, and more.

Perfect shrink sleeve designs

Improve Collaboration Across Packaging and Marketing Departments

Physical packaging takes time to design, approve, and then create the physical prototype before the product can be photographed. When drawing packaging designs manually, the artwork doesn’t always turn out as expected once produced.

Studio uses the actual production assets, so 3D models and images are in sync with the printed packaging, creating a digital twin. The patented print modeling technology accurately predicts how packaging will look when the physical package gets created so you can create product photography in anticipation of the product release. This allows packaging and marketing teams to better plan for product launches.

Decrease Costs Associated with Product Photography

Product photography can be expensive and time-consuming. Often times, products have to be in production before they can be sent to photographers, causing delays and forcing brands to work on the timelines of 3rd parties. With concept design, artwork creation, and presentation from a single digital source, you can eliminate the need for product photography by creating photo-realistic images of the product packaging as it will look on the shelf.

3D packaging software for boxes, bags, bottles, ...
3D packaging software for boxes, bags, bottles, ...

Studio Add-Ons



Increase the speed of packaging design with this tool that makes it fast and easy to design in 3D. Export packaging concepts and designs so they are automatically generated into 3D packshots.



Plan successful product launches with real insights. View and interact with packaging, displays, and signs in a virtual retail environment. Collect eye tracking data, purchasing behavior, and movement through the store.


Toolkit for Boxes

Eliminate design errors that result from folds in boxes. Design, decorate, and fold box shapes inside Adobe Illustrator, where you can also use an existing technical drawing and fold it into a 3D representation.


Toolkit for Flexibles

Design error-free flexible packaging with the ability to resize and shape any of the templates that meet common industry standards. Includes seaming, crimping and cutting to deliver realistic flexible packaging mockups and images.


Toolkit for Labels

Design labels right first time with this toolkit. You can revolve curves to create symmetrical 3D objects with one or more labels. A conical warp tool can correct distortion of the artwork on the labels.


Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves

Save time on shrink sleeve design by simulating how the materials will shrink around shapes. Use the pre-distortion tool so that artwork will appear correctly when applied to the shape of the package.

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