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Nothing is more frustrating than a missed deadline, especially when you’re the one held responsible. As the project manager for packaging, you spearhead packaging specifications and initiatives across design, marketing, and supply chain functions.

Esko helps you create and keep the project moving in one centralized location.

See solutions for packaging leaders:


Working directly in Adobe Illustrator, Studio is a quick and easy way to turn your brand's product designs into beautiful 3D images for faster executive approval.


WebCenter is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform that focuses on all aspects of successful brand packaging: shape, brand colors, and control of content. It manages packaging specifications, approvals, and project life cycle.


ArtiosCAD is a structural design software for brand packaging with dedicated tools specifically focusing on product development, and virtual prototyping.

Cape Pack

The palletization software helps determine the best packaging product size, case count, case size, and pallet load. Brands around the world are using Esko's Cape Pack to reduce their ecological footprint.


MediaBeacon is a flexible centralized, secure, web-based digital warehouse for all your assets. This includes: technical keylines, artwork, graphics, logos, images and other packaging elements.

What they have to say...

WebCenter is our preferred approval decision-making tool. All parties involved in the approval process can see the specific information they need to see in time and can take immediate action. This speeds up the approval cycle in a very efficient and effective way.

Nico Schenk, Packaging Specialist at Vandemoortele

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