For designers

You’re under pressure to design products that stand-out on the shelf, requiring you to make new design iterations, artwork, and product packaging frequently and quickly.

With Esko tools, collaborate on designs, find briefs in one central repository, gain approvals from stakeholders, and produce right-first-time packaging, artwork, and labels.

For marketers

You strive to create product packaging and assets that stay cohesive across multiple touchpoints, and it is frustrating when you can't communicate effectively with all the departments involved in the project.

Esko tools help you quickly identify project status, collaborate across teams, share packaging briefs, and gain approval from key stakeholders, without producing a single physical mockup.

For packaging leaders

Nothing is more frustrating than a missed deadline, especially when you’re the one held responsible. As the project manager for packaging, you spearhead packaging specifications and initiatives across design, marketing, and supply chain functions.

Esko helps  you create and keep the project moving in one centralized location.

For regulatory teams

With increasing pressure from regulatory bodies, product packaging changes are occurring more frequently. Your company relies on you to control and manage regulatory content, and without your knowledge, the brand could be subjected to costly product recalls and fines.

Esko helps you maintain compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11 through built-in compliance control tools such as ER/ES and audit trails. Esko partners with you to validate your solutions according to GAMP5 industry best practices.

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