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Online proofing & packaging quality control

Esko works closely together with Global Vision, the world leader in online packaging quality control.

Remote proofing in a packaging management system

Single source of truth

WebCenter QuickStart for Brands is designed to manage projects and the assets contained within each project. It also serves as an auditing tool: it automatically maintains version control of all documents, automatically archiving older iterations, ensuring that only the latest/approved version is used throughout the workflow.

Throughout the printed packaging life cycle, all text, graphics, layout, warnings, and identifying codes are inspected and approved by different departments in a brand company. These departments have to work together: Legal/Compliance, Marketing, Designers, Pre-press, and Printers/converters.

Enables GMP compliance

A key issue for highly regulated industries is compliance and adherence to the guidelines and principles of current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

WebCenter QuickStart for Brands is a dedicated management system for GMP labeling and packaging artwork change management. It helps companies in the highly regulated industries control and maintain GMP compliance with ease.

Powerful artwork
management software.

WebCenter QuickStart for Brands