Packaging Software Solutions for Life Sciences

Imagine a world where labeling content and artwork changes are easily traceable, impact assessments are done with a click, and risk is eliminated. With the digital toolkit from Esko | Brand Solutions, you’ll control the quality and accuracy of each labeling asset in a single, integrated platform. Read on to learn more about life sciences industry challenges and trends for 2021.

Challenges for Life Sciences Companies


Without a centralized location for the team's projects, approvals, artwork, etc., visibility of the entire workflow is difficult, leading to increased risk of labeling error rates and recalls. Leveraging pre-approved content and artwork allows regulatory stakeholders to reduce this possibility.

Quality & Risk

Getting lost in the feedback? It’s confusing to manage multiple reviews of multiple files without a place to track all of the information. Create an audit trail of feedback and changes to improve content and quality at each stage of the labeling process.


Increased regulatory oversight creates more pressure on life sciences companies. Adhere to regulatory requirements across different geographies. Provide a fully compliant (21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11) audit trail and environment for the approval of labeling content and artwork.

Trends in Life Sciences

End-to-End Visibility

End-to-end visibility provides a holistic view of the workflow and greater process control. This spans across an entire organization as well as to 3rd parties involved in the process, such as pre-media, agencies, CMOs, printers, etc.


Automation should be integrated into the digital workflow. Life sciences companies can use automation to perform proof reading, compare files, verify barcodes, and more. Improve efficiency by automating data collection, data and quality checks, and utilizing intelligent forms to route requests. Automated review and approval matrixes ensure the right people are assigned to the right jobs.

Content Management

Content management is a solution that allows designers to specify, manage, and reuse content (text, claims, etc.) to be placed on artwork designs without manual copying and pasting. It’s an integrated module within the WebCenter workflow management solution that reduces risk, increases compliance, and saves time and money.


Fewer proofs, fewer review cycles, working with digital tools; these are all key to companies becoming more sustainable. WebCenter provides the tools to accomplish this with the added benefit of driving efficiencies.

Our Digital Solutions for Life Sciences

WebCenter Workflow Management

Centralize project information and communication all in one platform

  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration across all teams and suppliers, gather information, and facilitate approval processes

Improve accuracy and consistency thereby reducing packaging errors and recalls

  • Automated notifications to review labeling materials simplify the approval cycle process

Launch new products faster

  • Increase visibility into the workflow to generate efficiency and reduce the barriers of getting to market promptly

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Studio 3D Design

  • Save time and reduce costs by virtually viewing designs and providing feedback or approval
  • Reduce the need for physical mockups and incorporate products into lifestyle photography
  • Effortlessly turn ideas into compelling 3D designs

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ArtiosCAD Structural Design

  • Create 3D packaging designs and resize them to fit a product
  • Check the physical limitations of your creations and reduce manual processes
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes and waste by allowing seamless inspection of designs before going to print

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Cape Pack Palletization Software

  • Optimize product sizes for shipping, creating new case sizes, and building efficient pallet patterns
  • Utilize space more efficiently and decrease transportation costs
  • Create a sustainable packaging supply chain and reduce carbon footprint

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Why Esko

Every day, Esko | Brand Solutions helps life sciences companies create artwork, labels, IFUs and other content more efficiently. Our solutions unite labeling efforts across all participants. Use Esko to create synergies throughout your go-to-market process.

What Life Science Leaders Love About Our Solutions:

  • Improve control over end-to-end labeling workflows
  • Connect all regulatory and artwork teams, partners and agencies to a single source of truth
  • Ensure compliance and brand governance without decreasing productivity
  • Effortlessly scale to accommodate new regulations, new products, new markets, and increasing SKU volumes