3D Digital Asset Management

What are 3D Assets?
3D assets are 3 dimensional digital files, so they look more lifelike than flat images. There are some 3D elements in movies, video games, and other animations. They can also be used to design homes, to help you pick your seats for an event, and more. The main benefit of using 3D images or animations is that it provides a digital way to view something as it would look in the physical reality.

In the packaging world, 3D assets can be photo-realistic renderings of:

  • boxes,
  • bags,
  • bottles,
  • cartons,
  • trays,
  • displays,
  • and almost any other kind of packaging or merchandising material.

3D Packshots in DAM

Packshots that are generated in 3D can be used in place of product photography, or to gain insights on product performance through store visualization and consumer insights. 3D models can also be used to design displays to see what will fit and how the products will look on displays in the store.

The use of 3D product images allows companies to save time and money on research and understanding how their products will perform on the physical shelf.

How Do You Store Digital 3D Assets?

Since 3D assets are a very specific and unique file type, you’ll need software that can support storing this type of content when you are working in 3D. Typically, this means you will need a robust software solution that can handle the complexities of 3D asset management.

A digital asset management (DAM) is a software solution made specifically to store assets like photos, videos, and other digital files. They can vary in storage and performance capacity, but the enterprise DAM software solutions will typically have more advanced features, including the ability to store and preview 3D assets.

DAM software also allows you to store your 3D assets with metadata, or descriptive information that describes the asset so that it is easy to search for, find, and re-use or update the files as necessary. With a DAM, your team can find all the 3D files they need from a single, digital source.

There are also DAM solutions that support 3D and integrate with other 3D design software so that your team has a collaborative, connected way of creating, storing, and finding your digital assets.

What’s the Best Digital Asset Management for 3D Models?

There are many DAM software companies. The best DAM for 3D will support the storage and preview of 3D assets in addition to integrations with other tools that support 3D design.

A DAM that is especially good for 3D models is MediaBeacon, an enterprise offering from Esko | Brand Solutions.

We offer 3D asset management software in addition to other packaging and 3D design tools. These tools can be used a full platform for designers in product industries such as food and beverage, health and beauty, retail and apparel, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical devices. With a set of 3D solutions from a single platform, brand owners can have a consistent, integrated process and set of tools for creating, distributing, and re-using 3D packaging content.

  • 3D DAM with MediaBeacon. A robust digital asset management system that supports 3D files and advanced metadata and search capabilities. Increased productivity through saving time spent looking for assets or recreating assets.
  • 3D workflow with WebCenter. A workflow tool that manages processes for creating and updating 3D files such as packaging and merchandising. Increased collaboration through review and approve tools.
  • 3D label and artwork design with Studio. A packaging label and artwork tool that allows designers to work in 3D and generate photo-realistic packshots. Improved productivity with easy-to-use digital designs instead of physical mock-ups.
  • 3D structural packaging design with ArtiosCAD. A design tool for 3D structural packages, including bottles, boxes, bags, and cartons that can be created before applying labels and artwork.

To see how MediaBeacon and other Esko tools work for 3D digital asset management, request a demo below.

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