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Virtual store: test new packaging in a realistic store environment

The Studio Store Visualizer (developed by VTales graphics) allows you to view and interact with packaging and in-store branding in a virtual retail environment.

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Virtual store

Create a virtual shop with Studio Store Visualizer

The Studio Store Visualizer (developed by VTales graphics) allows you to view and interact with packaging and in-store branding in a virtual retail environment.

See your new designs on the shelf next to the competition; present a complete product launch in 3D, including retail-ready packaging, displays and other branded items. Test the visual impact of your latest design in the environment where it all happens: the store.

Virtual shop

Benefits of using a virtual shop

The Studio Store Visualizer offers a number of distinct benefits


Real-time rendering offers an unmatched level of reality. The details make it complete: the shadows at the back of the shelves; the randomness of the products' position on the shelf; the way materials and print effects are rendered. The animation offers freedom and the life-like physics add even more realism.

Test point of sale material

With the Store Visualizer you can test innovative packaging but also all in-store branding materials: signage, POP, POS, FSDU displays, floor stickers, retail ready packaging. You can place items on the floor or put them up on the walls. Or dress up the shelves with branded fronts and dividers. Present the complete store concept for your brand in the most visual way.

Integrated with packaging design

The Studio Store Visualizer has, contrary to other virtual store suppliers, packaging at its heart. It is completely integrated with the rest of Esko’s packaging design software. This not only results in unsurpassed quality, it also makes last minute changes easy and straight forward.

Virtual shop software

Store Visualizer functionality

  • Place virtual objects on empty places in spherical images
  • Configure a virtual store: floor and ceiling style, isle and shelf layout
  • Import Collada files from Studio or ArtiosCAD
  • Place single packaging objects or fill available space with an array
  • Swap objects, rearrange shelves
  • Add floor standing units, posters
  • Walk around (not with spherical environments) pick up objects
  • Physics: Gravity, collision, friction
  • Export to very hi-res images.
  • Export as a self-executing panoramic viewer for Mac or PC

A virtual store helps marketers to do market research into consumer decision making. It is also the perfect way to test new packaging or in-store branding.

Traditionally, focus groups were presented with a real store setting, filled with real products or mock ups of products that were still being tested. A virtual shop makes the whole process more accurate and faster. Virtual stores use 3D computer simulations to create a retail environment that are as close to the real shopping experience as possible. This allows consumers or marketers to interact with the products and the in-store branding.

Virtual store technology helps consumer packaged goods companies and retailers to make business decisions without the need for physically changing stores and products.