Do you know where your packaging assets are? - Esko
  • Ever used the wrong version of a file?
  • Where's your library of packaging specifications?

Producing packaging is becoming more and more a global enterprise. This makes it very important to have one, standard repository for your assets that can be used by all stakeholders in your packaging supply chain.

With this in place you can be confident that the correct graphical assets, dielines, logos and images are being used across all printed material around the world. An intricate part of brand asset management is to have one repository of all assets, updated at all times, available to all stakeholders.

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Streamline your packaging design and management process – from concept to store.

An artwork management system enables you to take control of the packaging design process. Reduce duplication and optimize design and approval.


Esko's MediaBeacon offers innovative rich media management, search, and re-use designed for global brands. With MediaBeacon, you take control of your packaging assets with a world-class DAM digital asset management system.

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