Innovate your packaging development? - Esko

Esko's packaging design suite enables true packaging innovation. Visualize early on in the design phase what your design will look like when it’s manufactured. The packaging design suite brings speed & ease to the product packaging design process.  Live renders of your packaging designs, realistic product visualizations and hi-def interactive in-store simulations. Check out what your luxury packaging will look like before making expensive mock-ups.

See how the global design agency Interbrand brought innovation to packaging:

Making mock-ups is a time consuming and expensive process and the use of virtual packaging is rapidly becoming the way to visualize packaging in a more efficient way.

A virtual store helps marketers to do market research into consumer decision making. It is also the perfect way to test new packaging or in-store branding.


Products that come in shelf-ready packaging (SRP) or retail-ready packaging (RRP) can be easily placed on the shelf without the need for unpacking or repacking. The biggest cost of any retailer is the store floor personnel that spend hours restocking products. Retail ready packaging is designed to minimize this cost.

Designing effective product packaging is an ongoing challenge. Esko helps you design, manage and produce outstanding packaging, from the concept, all the way to the store.


Designing packaging that generates sales is not easy. Esko’s software portfolio is built around packaging: our tools help you design inspiring custom packaging and test those designs in the market.