Do you control your packaging or does it control you? Esko integrates brand management software, brand solutions and packaging solutions that allow you to leverage the power of your supply chain.

Brand colors often prove tricky to accurately reproduce on the wide range of materials used in packaging. Color consistency, predictability and repeatability demand a well-integrated color management solution.


Producing packaging is becoming more and more a global enterprise. This makes it very important to have one, standard repository for your assets that can be used by all stakeholders in your packaging supply chain.

Even in today’s digital world the majority of packaging teams work with traditional methods of communication (telephone, email, ftp). This way of working typically adds time to the process through lack of visibility into critical paths.


The manual copy-paste workflow, typically used to apply content to packaging is time consuming and leaves too much room for error. Esko's solutions redefine Managing regulatory content. Online copy collation, approval and translation become straightforward.

Esko's packaging design suite enables true packaging innovation. Visualize early on in the design phase what your design will look like when it’s manufactured. The packaging design suite brings speed & ease to the product packaging design process.


Companies across the world use the Esko Cape software to create sustainable packaging, improve space utilization, reduce the number of trucks on the streets...

Businesses in highly regulated industry sectors, like pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, effectively manage their regulatory content and artwork portfolio with Esko’s help.