Increase the productivity of your Kongsberg table:
Use best quality bits & blades

Increase the productivity of your Kongsberg table: Use best quality bits & blades

Esko understands the challenges our table customers face while determining the best bits and blades for their jobs. The productivity of table and quality of the output from our consumables directly impact your sales. To ensure this happens every-time, we have developed our safe and compatible consumables with in-house technology expertise and high quality materials.

Further, we are always there to help you. Contact our support team or get in touch with other customers on our community to find the right way to get high quality output.

Start winning with Esko bits & blades and be the best at your trade

What customers say

"We received international awards because the quality (of our jobs) is world class."

Antonio Ruíz
Technology and Innovation

Grupo LEN

"Due to high quality of material, Kongsberg bits & blades last longer and therefore have the lowest cost per cutting meter on the market."

TechValidate Survey
of 598 users of Esko

"(Kongsberg) blades have performed better than any other blades."

Design Manager
Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

Special Offers

  • 10% discount to customers on maintenance contracts 1
  • 5% discount on bulk orders (2000 €/$  or more) 1

1. Please contact Esko Support to discuss further

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"We are developing products that were very difficult to handle before using Esko Bits & Blades."

José Luis González, Managing Partner, Imprenta Formas, Argentina


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