WebCenter QuickStart
for Folding Carton

A turnkey packaging design workflow management solution for folding carton converters

WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated

Handle design requests in minutes

WebCenter QuickStart for Folding Carton manages design workflows at folding carton converters.

WebCenter QuickStart for Folding Carton comes preloaded with proven workflows. These workflows will increase your company’s capacity to handle a greater number of design requests. With just 5 days to get you up and running, you will start reaping the benefits of efficient packaging design management from day one.

Why use packaging design management?

The global folding carton converting market faces several distinct design challenges:

  • Shorter time-to-market cycles
  • Producing work over an increasingly wide geographical area
  • Making data and design assets accessible to multiple users, sites and systems to use and reuse
  • Reducing waste and redundancy in your business processes
  • Adding value to retain customers
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Esko customer statistic

What is the biggest bottleneck in your design process today?

46% of surveyed packaging converters agree that the biggest bottleneck is ‘unclear design requests’.



  • More efficient data capture
    through the digitization of forms
  • Shorter design and approval cycles
    through improved communication and collaboration
  • Ability to share and repurpose projects and assets easily
    through centralization
  • Improved on time delivery
    through increased visibility of project status and milestones
  • Increased capacity to handle more design projects
    with no additional head count

Time Savings:

Time spent on design requests
5 minutes
30 minutes
Time spent on project searches
1 minute
15 minutes
Time spent on customer approvals
1 day
5 days
With WebCenter QuickStart for Folding Carton
Without WebCenter QuickStart for Folding Carton


Preconfigured design request flows
Preconfigured design process flow Check
Preconfigured project dashboard Check
Fast asset searches Check
Digital approval setup Check
Custom branding Check
Training Check
On-site assistance Check
Hosted infrastructure (SaaS only) Check

Easy deployment

  • WebCenter QuickStart for Folding Carton can be installed and fully operational in 5 days.
  • Offers a clear upgrade path that allows the opportunity for even greater levels of optimization, configuration, process expansion and integration.
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A solution that grows with you

WebCenter QuickStart for Folding Carton is the ideal introduction to packaging design workflow management, but it is not a limited solution.

As your business grows, WebCenter can grow with you through the introduction of a range of upgrade modules, including content management and integration with your business systems.

And, because WebCenter is part of the Esko software platform, these modules click into place easily and simply.

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