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What’s new in WebCenter 20?

  • Improved User Experience
    WebCenter 20 offers dashboards that can be edited. Users can change certain properties of a task in the dashboard (who is it assigned to, due dates, upload new documents…).
  • Forward approval to non-registered users
    WebCenter 20 allows users to forward a viewing link or approval to another user or email address. This person does not need to be a registered WebCenter user. Access will be granted immediately, and the user can view or approve right away.
  • Simplification of Project Request
    WebCenter 20 makes it easier to create projects. Using "Drop Zones" users can simply drag and drop multiple files to initiate projects, in a few simple clicks the project is ready to be submitted.
  • Adobe task plugin
    Users can view (and complete) all the WebCenter tasks that are assigned to them in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

What’s new in WebCenter 18.1.1?

WebCenter 18.1.1 is a minor release of the WebCenter platform. It contains, however, several valuable functional improvements.

  • Live Text Search
    Ability to create (saved) searches to locate PDF or Adobe Illustrator1 documents with a given Live Text2 string.

  • Search for all Referenced Versions of a Document
    A new search option, Version Used In, has been added to improve the efficiency of searching for a version of a document referenced from another document through a Document Reference.

  • Persistent Search Selection
    To improve the user experience when selecting a list of documents (e.g., include in a new project), the search result selection has been made "persistent" so that it survives reload of search results caused by paging, changing of criteria in the search panel or changes to search result layout options.
    Further, a convenient panel with the current selection ensures that the current selection is straightforward to inspect before starting an operation.

  • Focus Layout and Viewer Dashboard Block
    The new search result focus layout option reserves a large portion of the screen for a single search result, making it possible for the user to inspect the individual search result items without opening document details or viewer window.
    When used together with persistent selection and the new Viewer dashboard block, the focus layout provides an efficient method for the user to click through a set of search results and determine which ones to include and which ones to omit for a specific operation.

  • Improved Packaging Content Management Table functionality
    To improve efficiency when working with tables in the WebCenter's Packaging Content Management (PCM) module, a list of improvements have been added. It is now simpler to Add, Remove, Reorder, and Hide Columns and/or Rows to PCM tables and output PCM table previews to PDF format reports.
    Note: The availability of some of the mentioned functionality requires optional modules in WebCenter.
    1The Live Text search feature is only available for non-encrypted PDF documents and Adobe Illustrator documents saved with a PDF-compatible part.
    2The term "Live Text" is used for PDF text that is not "outlined" (i.e., converted to vector graphics).