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WebCenter offers functionality that tackles a wide range of challenges for brands and converters alike.

Project and task specification

WebCenter has powerful briefing and specification capabilities, reducing the time to brief new projects by 60%.

The dynamic forms and collaboration tools in WebCenter help to enhance data sharing and communication between all partners in the packaging and printing supply chain. Work virtually, in real-time, with your internal creative, marketing, package design and engineering groups, external vendors and suppliers.

  • Improves quality thanks to better data capture and seamless data sharing
  • Reduces errors in specification by reusing existing data and adding intelligence to the forms
  • Enhances communication between different departments and global suppliers
WebCenter: asset library

File Management & Asset Library

WebCenter provides a flexible, centralized, secure, web-based digital repository for all your project assets.

This includes: technical keylines, artwork, graphics, logos, images, text and other packaging elements.

  • Asset reusability is optimized by centralized storage
  • Increased accountability by version control and history tracking
  • Improved efficiency through faster document retrieval and data sharing

Program Management

Program Management provides the ability to have multiple projects within a hierarchy. It allows splitting the Program – the overarching project – into smaller projects in a hierarchy of unlimited levels.

In this project hierarchy, all metadata, scheduling, etc. can be shared between parent, child and sibling projects.

WebCenter: program management

View, Annotate, Compare & Approve

WebCenter: compare versions

WebCenter keeps everyone on the same page by providing easy-to-use viewing and annotation tools.

You can view, markup and approve CAD files, PDF files and image files in a browser or on our mobile device with WebCenter’s high-resolution Viewer. The viewer supports single page, multipage and imposition documents within the same viewing environment.

The annotation and viewing tools allow users to add comments, accurately indicate corrections, check grain and flute direction, etc.

Using the HTML 5 Viewer, ink details and dimensions can be measured, CAD files can be aligned, overprint modes can be compared, x-height of text can be checked, the document history can be consulted, approvals can be given, and when more than one version is available, the compare tool highlights the differences.

Compare is even possible on different versions of different documents, giving you the ultimate quality assurance and error detection.

Advanced approval

WebCenter’s Advanced Approval provides the ability to have multiple approval stages, take full advantage of the Roles and Groups configured in the system, and define as complex or as simple approval setups as required.

WebCenter Viewer includes a Braille Reader to verify the braille content in the file as well as a Barcode reader to verify the barcode code in the file. Most types of commonly used barcodes are supported including most types of 2D barcodes, usually called QR Codes.

WebCenter: advanced approval
WebCenter: 3D viewer

3D viewer

The new and unique 3D viewer in WebCenter enables users to upload, view and perform the full document approval cycle on 3D files. Using a hyper realistic 3D viewing experience, our customers will be able to:

  • Communicate the final packaging in all its realism to clients
  • Use WebCenter as an online medium to share 3D mockups
  • Enhance artwork and shape approval with its 3D representation

Task management

With Task Management, WebCenter gives customer the ability to manage the project by collecting the right data, execute tasks at the right time, and share it with the right people.

WebCenter has the ability to process fully customizable interdependent tasks that are assigned to specific users. With the project schedule in mind, tasks pull the right stakeholder or group to the project at the right time as soon as the preceding tasks have been completed in the project.

Task Management also enables full synchronization of the project with Automation Engine. Even though your Automation Engine may reside safely behind your firewall, you can still make a connection with a cloud based WebCenter not on your local network – if that’s your preference.

WebCenter: Task management
WebCenter: Opertational reporting

Operational reporting

WebCenter provides the ability to report on WebCenter’s search data unlocking full-featured dashboards and drillable reports.

Reports such as number of Projects per status (Active, Completed, etc.) or Document per Approval Status (Approved, Rejected, etc.) become trivial to define and very easy to use.

Approval Link provides the ability to easily invite previously unregistered users to the project without the need to define all the details or even a password. These users can be defined as temporary with a predefined number of days until expiry or can be made permanent if the new collaborator will be involved in the project for a longer period of time.

With this functionality, Token Authentication, Automated Deactivation of Users, and the Ad-Hoc addition of users are key and can be used independently.

WebCenter: Project workflow
Business Rule Engine

The Business Rule Engine allows WebCenter to react and automatically start a new Workflow based on unrelated events be it a manual project status change, a task completion, or others.

This provides unparalleled flexibility and automation capabilities right within WebCenter in a seamless and integrated way.

Content Management

WebCenter enables you to manage not only artwork files but also the elements within those assets with full access to the fundamental WebCenter features such as:

  • Configurable content flow and tasks,
  • Detailed content versioning, and
  • Approval

WebCenter Content Management also includes several integration and automation features including:

  • Based on the international artwork standard (GS1) for easy integration with Dynamic Content or 3rd party tools.
  • Full Workflow support: all operations can be automated including translation and data import
  • Bi-directional linking of text statements to artwork.
  • Know which statements are in an artwork and in which artworks a specific statement is being used
WebCenter: Content management
Copy Management

WebCenter’s Content Management fully supports multi-language text. Key features of Text/Copy management includes:

  • Configurable WebCenter wide language support
  • Project specific language support / ability to work only on the relevant subset of languages
  • Integration with 3rd party translation services via XLIFF
  • Side by Side translation support
  • Copy Sheet support
WebCenter: copy management
Nutrition Fact Tables / Panel Management

Nutrition Fact Tables support in Content Management provides a completely new element that can be managed by WebCenter: Tables / Panels. Features include:

  • Smart Name based automation
  • Recognition of uploaded tagged panels
  • Approval of individual table elements
  • Approval and management of table as a whole
WebCenter: nutrition fact table/panel management
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