Online editing solution with the CHILI Publisher

WebCenter can be used for the collation and online editing of packaging content with the CHILI Publisher.
The CHILI Publisher allows users to edit and manage packaging copy in a powerful visual editor.

Reducing packaging content errors

Brand owners report that most packaging errors pop up in the copy (ingredients, marketing slogans, legal text…). That is not too surprising as there are a lot of challenges in making packaging artwork.

  • Keeping up with ever changing regulations
  • Increasing number of artwork files
  • More languages on a single pack
  • Content supplied in a variety of formats
  • Error-prone manual copy-and-paste workflow
  • Long approval cycles
  • Missed deadlines
  • Time-to-market pressures

CHILI Publisher in WebCenter is an online content management solution that has been designed with all packaging complexities in mind. The customer has the possibility to manage and approve the content in a centralized, online solution.

Working in the CHILI Publisher

In Adobe® Illustrator®, the designer create templates from the packaging production files with the Dynamic Content plug-in. These templates are pushed into WebCenter and can be opened, viewed and edited with the CHILI Publisher.

Add, edit or update text in a safe, online environment. When you’re done, the updated file is ready for approval and can continue its journey through the supply chain.

Benefits of the CHILI Publisher?
  • Save costs on artwork creation
  • Increase speed to market significantly
  • See the impact of text changes directly in the right context: the pack
  • Reduce errors
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