Improve communication &
workflow collaboration with WebCenter

WebCenter enhances your specification & communication

The dynamic forms and collaboration tools in WebCenter help to enhance data sharing and communication between all partners in the packaging and printing supply chain. Work virtually, in real-time, with your internal creative, marketing, package design and engineering groups, external vendors and suppliers.

  • Improves quality thanks to better data capture and seamless data sharing
  • Reduces errors in specification by reusing existing data and adding intelligence to the forms
  • Enhances communication between different departments and global suppliers

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WebCenter - Graphical review

Online graphic review & approval

WebCenter is a platform to review and approve graphical content from anywhere, anytime.

  • 60% reduction of hardcopy proofing and shipping costs
  • 25% savings on operator time because of quality feedback and less number of amendments
  • Approval turnaround time reduced from weeks to days


We have doubled our volume of work in the time since we began using WebCenter but have the same number of people dealing with the management processes.

Agustí Mercè, Product Operations Planning Manager, Almirall

Online briefing & review portal
with workflow automation

WebCenter is an online briefing & review portal for Automation Engine. It has a built-in connection to create jobs and publish files for customer review.

  • Improved communication with customers brings faster turnaround time
  • Automated approval saves operator time
  • Effective customer feedback improves quality


The convenience of WebCenter is great. You can access WebCenter 24/7 on your iPad, your mobile device or even on your home computer.

Tess Franzen, Technical Sales, Thoro Packaging

WebCenter - Improved collaboration

WebCenter - Online briefing

Packaging asset library

WebCenter is a flexible centralized, secure, web-based digital warehouse for all your assets. This includes: technical keylines, artwork, graphics, logos, images and other packaging elements.

  • Asset reusability is optimized by centralized storage
  • Accountability is improved by version control and history tracking
  • Efficiency is improved by faster document retrieval and data sharing

Reducing packaging content errors

Brand owners report that most packaging errors pop up in the copy (ingredients, marketing slogans, legal text…). WebCenter provides the tools for the management of packaging content.

  • For the management of the text assets in packaging content integrating collation, approval , and translation process into the WebCenter workflow. WebCenter’s Packaging Content Management provides a centralized and consistent experience for all text management requirements
  • For the collation and online editing of packaging content with the CHILI Publisher. The CHILI Publisher allows users to edit and manage packaging copy in a powerful visual editor. Read more about online editing in WebCenter.


Critical questions when choosing WebCenter

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