Design packaging in 3D, in Adobe Illustrator.

Dec, 2018

Studio 18.0.1

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 and macOS 10.14 (Mojave) are now fully supported.

A new material, Invisible label, was added to the Esko Standard Library. This material is useful when mimicking the appearance of printing directly on the container.

A finishing profile can be saved from the finishing operation stack. This finishing profile can then be repurposed on similar artwork files.

Saving and Importing presets and profiles with the WebCenter Connector:

  • View and Scene Presets can be saved to and imported from WebCenter with the WebCenter Connector plug-in.
  • Finishing Profiles can be saved to WebCenter with the WebCenter Connector plug-in.

Studio Store Visualizer 18.0.1

macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is now fully supported.

Multiple enhancements to the quality and performance of refractive models.

Added automatic physics, allowing high performance physics in complex projects.

Improved user experience:

  • The model browser is now antialiased.
  • Fullscreen mode can now be toggled on the fly.
  • Added an icon view mode to the library panel, displaying all models of the selected library as icons.
  • Added support for 6k and 8k textures.
  • Material picking can now pick through transparent surfaces (by holding Shift while picking).
  • Touch bar now has an improved object creation mode with model and library selection.
  • SpaceNavigator now supports product viewer mode (for Windows, Mac support will be added in 18.1).
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