WorkFlow Link provides the necessary connection and synchronization between printing and finishing

  • Printing

    Inspection platforms on the printing press detect process defects as soon as they appear, enabling operators to perform immediate corrective action. All printing faults, including random defects, are automatically recorded in the system’s database for removal downstream, prior to shipping the final product.

  • Quality Assurance

    Data editing is quick and easy, performed on a dedicated editing station or at any stage in the process, in accordance with QA standards. Edited data enables operators to decide which areas of the material should be removed and on which finishing machine.

  • Laminator

    An advanced solution for waste removal and for tracking laminated rolls, the WFL tracker effectively tracks the amount of output rolls and material length throughout the lamination process. The WFL tracker can also be used to remove large quantities of waste in lamination.

  • Slitter-Rewinder

    Using inspection data from the press, the WFL rewinder station automatically controls and stops the rewinder on cross-lane, defective material positions for waste removal. The process accelerates finishing machine speed by eliminating the need for operator inspection, reducing the number of stops to a minimum. Once the roll is finished, the system displays which of the slitted daughter rolls are defective is defective or needs further analysis at the doctoring station, while finished daughter rolls are ready to be shipped.

  • Doctoring Machine

    WFL’s doctoring machine station automatically controls and stops the doctor machine only on defective packages relevant to specific slitted rolls to ensure defect-free print jobs. WFL accelerates doctoring machine speed by eliminating the need for operator manual inspection, guaranteeing that problematic random faults are removed prior to shipping.

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