• Automatically controls/stops the rewinder based on data from AVT’s inspection platform on the printing press, including automatic identification of every roll
  • Generates clear/concise graphical defect location map with color-coding indication, displaying master/defect images for every detected fault
  • Increases finishing machine speed by eliminating the need to stop for every suspected defect, enabling operators to run the rewinding machines at full speed, automatically slowing down only on the relevant defects to be removed
  • PrintFlow data from multiple systems enables QA personnel to identify problem areas and assist in the decision-making process to enhance production and deliver higher quality material to your customers
  • Automating and Optimizing print production process and waste removal
  • Saving valuable time and manual marking – save up to 30% on time and waste removal
  • Ensure full traceability and high quality printed material for converters and brand owners
  • Early detection of print process defects enables operators to perform immediate corrective action to avoid printing waste, preventing costly errors and re-prints

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