Digitally connect your MIS system to the inline inspection system

The ProMIS module enables the MIS system to digitally connect with the inline inspection system to shorten job setup time and ensure overall system accuracy. This is achieved by submitting job data and accompanying PDF for automatic job verification. Inspection results are then reported back to the MIS system for enhanced production control and cost savings.

The press operator selects the relevant order in the MIS/ERP station. This is done after previous orders have been completed, triggering the MIS/ERP system to send the job setup data to the relevant AVT system. Once the data is received, a message is displayed in the AVT system. Following data verification, the operator starts automatic inspection, whereby information is exchanged between the MIS/ERP and AVT systems.

ProMIS supports AVT’s leading product lines, including Apollo, Argus, Argus E, Helios, Titan and Offline Setup

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