Titan detects a variety of print defects, including hickeys, spots, splashes, scumming, scratches, miss-prints, color variations, miss-registrations, varnish miss-registrations, sheet to print alignment, text defects, bends, sheet damages and more.

A colored alarm light tower alerts the operator immediately when a defect is detected, according to pre-defined quality thresholds. The system visually indicates the position and the nature of all detected defects on screen. The operator can then address the problem and correct the relevant defect.

Titan is connected to your print production workflow, capable of triggering ejectors, marketing devices or Kickers in order to automatically mark/eject defective sheets. The system is also capable of connecting to the press’s feeder to stop printing if a process defect becomes severe.

Workflow, Archiving & Reporting

Equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, the system automatically stores all job data in job archiving for fast setup in the case of reprints, while detection data is logged into the system’s stack and job reporting, including defect location, defect images, and print quality statistics. Operators use in-line reporting to review job/order/stack reports, edit and export final reports to digital files. The system’s PrintFlow Manager collects relevant PrintFlow data from multiple systems, so that managers and key personnel can easily monitor, analyze and control production quality from their desktop PCs.

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