• Boosts Productivity

    Titan ensures consistent print quality on every job, significantly increasing overall press productivity. Users benefit from fast ROI and save valuable time and resources with exceptional fast and easy press set-up and deployment. In turn, customers benefit greatly by reducing waste, resources and production costs, while preventing customer rejections.

  • Unmatched Print Quality

    Titan delivers 100% quality assurance and print process control, with full support of all metal sheet printing lines and applications. The system detects and alerts on a wide variety of print defects, visually indicating the precise location and type of each defect, ejecting them or marking them for further analysis, archiving and reporting, to achieve 100% quality on every print job.

  • Innovative Print Inspection Process

    Fully-automated, Titan inspection process provides an intuitive user interface, equipped with an easy-to-use online guide, minimizing job set-up time, and detecting critical defects in real time. The system categorizes defects according to defect type, with easy on-screen view, and indicates the precise defect location on the full repeat image.

  • Regions of Interest (ROI) and “step and repeat” setup

    All required setup can be done on one package/unit and automatically set to “step and repeat” on all other packages/units. The system enables setting different sensitivities/profiles to different regions in the package, for enhanced detection in key areas, or to reduce sensitivities in less critical areas.

  • Good sheets counter

    Built-in, on-line monitoring of “good to ship” sheets, ensures sufficient good amount of sheets are printed prior to the next job change.

  • Quick Set

    Fast, automatic “zero set-up” time for repeating jobs.

  • Inspection Profiles

    Fast, easy generation for seamless set-up and improved control of quality standards.

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