In-line XRGA Certified Spectral Measurement Color Solution for the Packaging & Labels Printing Markets

SpectraLab is an advanced in-line spectral color measurement and monitoring module designed to effectively measure color targets and alert on any color deviations throughout the print production process. SpectraLab measures both color targets and in-image colors in accordance to the tolerances and absolute color values set via ‘Offline Setup’, ColorCert© or by the press operator.

Using a Spectral Measurement Unit (SMU), the SpectraLab module is installed on the printing press connected to one of AVT’s 100% inspection platforms. SpectraLab measures in conformance with the recognized ISO standards for graphic arts color measurements, including ISO 13655, ISO 5-3 and can also be XRGA certified.

With tens of customer installations worldwide, AVT’s award-winning SpectraLab platform offers new levels of automation, with in-line to offline color measurement correlation in accordance to the Global Agreement Model (GAM). SpectraLab ensures that you print to the targets, supporting your color make-ready and production, saving valuable time and costly press stops. The SpectraLab module works seamlessly on AVT’s market-leading Apollo, Argus and Helios print inspection systems.

SpectraLab supports these AVT platforms:

  • Apollo Product Line
  • Argus Product Line
  • Argus E Product Line
  • Helios Product Line

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