Combined Print Inspection Solution for 100% Process and Quality Control

An automatic 100% inline Inspection, the Argus Turbo HD product line, AVT’s flagship solution, delivers a unique combination of 100% high-resolution print inspection and superior zoom process control, to detect imperfections in real-time. To achieve high-quality results, Argus Turbo HD combines two innovative sensing technologies – 100% inspection of the web, 100% of the time, at exceptionally high speeds, while in parallel, an area-based camera zooms-in to visually inspect regions of interest, at a high optical resolution.

The Argus Turbo HD product line decreases production time, automates manual processes, and provides valuable waste savings. Backed by AVT’s pioneering vision technologies, Argus Turbo HD product line raises the bar on in-line process control and quality assurance by providing high resolution and performance at any given web width, with resolutions ranging from 8K to 16K

Argus Models: flexibility to meet YOUR needs

The AVT Argus Turbo HD product line is available in 2 main product versions to support any type of print application and technology:

Argus E Turbo HD 

Entry level combined solution of 100% print inspection, with high resolution viewing and press control capabilities

Argus Turbo HD 

High end combined solution for 100% print inspection with high resolution viewing, press control capabilities and high zoom automatic inspection in area camera side for improved process controlThe AVT Process Control solution (“Jupiter”) can be upgraded to the Argus Turbo HD configuration. 

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