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Apollo Turbo HD detects a variety of print defects, including color variations, doctor blade streaks, misprints, low contrast defects, mis-registration, spots, and splashes. Once installed and deployed on a laminator, the system effectively detects common lamination errors, such as glue misprint, material folding, or air bubbles.

Apollo Turbo HD visually indicates the precise location and type of each defect, while in parallel, the system records all relevant defect data into roll reports. An easy to view color-coded light tower informs operators when a defect is detected, so that errors can be addressed and corrected in real-time. When installed on post print rewinders, the system can efficiently stop the rewinders at defect location for removal of defective segments.

Workflow, Archiving & Reporting

Equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, the system automatically stores all job data in job archiving for fast setup in the case of reprints, while detection data is logged into the system’s roll and job reporting, including defect location, defect images, and print quality statistics. Operators use in-line reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export final reports to digital files, or to AVT WorkFlow Link to automatically connect to rewinders or slitters, and efficiently remove defective material prior to shipment. The system’s PrintFlow Manager collects relevant PrintFlow data from multiple systems, so that managers and key personnel can easily monitor, analyze and control production quality from their desktop PCs.

Production Workflow Support at Every Stage

  • On-Press Automatic early defect detection during the printing process
  • Doctor Machine Trace and remove defective areas before the costly lamination process
  • Lamination Machine Trace and mark lamination defects for removal during slitting
  • Slitter/Rewinder Ensure that only fault-free material is delivered to your customers

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