Helios D allows operators to take corrective measures at the very start of a defect, before waste becomes widespread, including a preventive maintenance scheduler tool which continuously tracks the inkjet print heads.

Helios D is equipped with advanced algorithms to detect specific digital defects, including streaks, non-uniform colors and ink dripping on top of other common print defects, such as Die-cut register and Matrix removal. Once a defect has been detected, a pop-up screen appears, while traffic lights indicate the severity of the defect, enabling operators to take immediate action. The system also detects other label-related defects, such as missing labels, text defects, color variations, mis-registrations, mis-prints, spots and splashes, die-cut registration and more.

Calibration Targets

An advanced setup and press maintenance solution, Helios D is designed to reduce setup time, minimize waste and manage press-related problems prior to running a job. Proprietary AVT calibration targets are printed, giving operators real-time analysis of all quality parameters in a single file, saving significant time in comparing each parameter separately.

Printing Press

When installed on a printing press, Helios D operates as an inline quality assurance and process control solution, alerting on potential print problems and recording every relevant defect. Via an integrated reporting mechanism from press to rewinder, the WorkFlow Link module (optional) is later used for downstream repair on the finishing machine or in quality reports for the end-user. Helios D is also equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, where operators use inline reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export to digital files, or print reports for later material handling.

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